Romantic Ideas: Anniversary

Idei Romantice pentru aniversari:

100 Days
On our 100th day anniversary I wrote up 100 reasons why I love him. He wasn't expecting it at all and loved every reason.

100 Reasons
For our 3-month anniversary I made a list of 100 different reasons why I loved my guy. They were just simple things like how he says I love you. Each month I give him another reason to add to his list. It's a fun way to keep the romance alive. We both love it!

100 Reasons Picnic
I got this idea from combining two of my favorite ideas on this website! I realized after reading an idea about this couples 100th day anniversary, my boyfriend and I's 100th day anniversary was coming up. I typed up 100 reasons why I love him and cut out each one out. Then, I blew up 100 balloons, and put one reason in each balloon. He had to pop them to find the next one. I had a balloon that said START which was kind of an introduction to the game and one that said END which contained a large note that said "I love you" on it. The setting this whole time was in my bedroom with candles lit and blankets down with a picnic basket fully prepared--an indoor picnic in the bedroom with 100 reasons why I love JT right in front of him!

1000 Days
I was thinking of a way to celebrate my 2 1/2 year anniversary with the woman I love, and tried to figure out how many days it had been since we've been dating. I went to a calendar website, and found out 2 1/2 years is just shy of 1000. I found out that our 1000 day anniversary will be on July 14, and I've developed a plan for that day. I'm going to buy 1000 silk rose petals, and a silver calligraphy pen, and write "I love you" on each one. It'll take a while, but I told her that I didn't want to go a day without saying I love you.

1000 Yellow Daisies
This has never happened to me before but is my idea of an incredibly romantic gesture. If you want to be really romantic to your girlfriend on whatever anniversary you want, buy her 1000 yellow daisies (or a flower that she likes) and have them put in a room in her house or office as a surprise. It might be a little expensive but she will love it!

12 Months of Us
For our first anniversary my boyfriend gave me a heart shaped box. Inside I found 12 postcards. When I read them I discovered they had a love poem written by him; one verse per card. The poem told the story of the year we’ve spent together. What’s more… on each card there was a picture of us related to that particular month. I was in tears when I saw it and it was really the sweetest thing he has ever given me.

122% In Love
For our 1-year anniversary, I was away at a tournament. When I got back home 3 days later, I entered my room to find my boyfriend had hung hearts of different sizes from my ceiling from different lengths. He had cut out 21 hearts- 20 each said "5%" on one side and on the other, reasons why he loved me such as "your smile." The biggest heart hanging at the entrance to my room said "22%" (my favorite number) and "I love you for being you." It added up to 122%. It was by far the best gift ever!

182 Days of Love
Our two year anniversary is just right around the corner. I really wanted to do something special for the one true love of my life. Our 2 years falls on December 8th and we are engaged to be married on June 8th. I figured out that there are 182 days between those dates. I bought a journal that said Memories on the front of it and I came up with 182 reasons of why I loved her so much. I then wrote the date and a reason I loved her on each and every page. I also included little memories or described why I loved her. It was really hard work and took a lot of time, but it was worth it. I am just now to the last three pages and I can't wait to give it to her. I know she will love it.

1st Year Wedding Anniversary
The traditional wedding gift for the first year of marriage is paper. I had saved every love note and card my husband had ever given me. Even the ones before we got married. I found a simple letterbox at an antique store. I filled the box with all the letters, which I gave to him the night of our anniversary. He cried, and he never cries!

24 I Love You's
This anniversary was important to me because it was the longest relationship I've ever had. I bought her the movie we saw on our first date and added my ticket stub with it. I also gave her a hand-written card. I wrote, "I love you" in 24 different languages (one for every week we've been together) and said, "No matter how many different ways there are to say it, there aren't enough ways for me to truly express how much I love you." She loved it. We're still together going on 11 months.