Games for Two

Games for Two
by Jennifer Good

Looking for something fun and different to do? When boredom strikes, try one of these romantic (and sometimes just down right sexy) twists on classic games for an evening made for memories. We've got great suggestions from LYC readers as well as our own versions of our favorite classic games gone romantic. Grab a couple glasses of wine or beer, some yummy snacks, and let the games begin!

Romantic Word Scrabble
Play the game as usual, except you can only use words that relate to love, sex, romance and relationships. If you are questioned about the "romanticness" of the word you used, prove it's romantic value by using it in a sentence...or even better, a physical demonstration.

Strip Poker
Okay, this one is a gimme, but it's great fun! Make the stakes higher by making the chips worth kisses, romantic treats, and more when they're cashed in.

Rename the countries into body parts on the board and on the cards (so they correlate). You'll need to be pretty detailed, as there are quite a few countries. When you take over a "body part" you get to have your way with it for five minutes. If you'd rather, you can have your partner do something to that body part on you. Make sure to set limits on what is acceptable to ask the other to do beforehand and respect those wishes so it stays fun for everyone. If you don't want it to be too sexual, don't name any erogenous zones.

Every time you take over a partner's piece you are entitled to five minutes of a romantic "treat" of your choice. Whoever ultimately wins the game is entitled to special two hour romantic treat of their choice to be redeemed within seven days.

Play the game as usual, but intead of paying your debts with money, for every $100 you owe or need to pay you have to pleasure your partner for one minute. For example, if you land on Boardwalk with all the hotels, you'll need to pleasure your partner for twenty minutes. Winner gets a special romantic treat of their choice to be picked within seven days.

Instead of playing until someone reaches 500, play for a set amount of time. An hour is usually more than enough. At the end of the playing time, turn every 100 points into 10 minutes of time (500 points would equal 50 minutes) that your partner has to do what you want. It can be anything! Make them your servant for the night, or make them give you a massage, making dinner, etc. Use your imagination!

If these ideas aren't enough for you, take a peek at some of these user-submitted ideas!

Fantasy Trivial Pursuit
Play the game as though it were normal Trivial Pursuit by collecting the pieces to the pie. Before the game begins, write three of your wildest fantasies on paper then put your papers in a pile with your partners. For every wrong answer, remove an article of clothing. Every time you miss the answer to a pie question, your partner asks you to perform something of their choice for 30 seconds. Then back to the game. If you can last the length of the game, the winner receives whatever is drawn by the loser from the winners pile.
--submitted by Anonymous

Game of Love Cards
Take a deck of 52 cards. Assign each card a thing to do. For example, aces get a kiss. Shuffle the deck and spread the cards out. You and your honey take turns drawing cards. Whatever card says to do, your honey must do. Be creative with your ideas! Have fun!
--submitted by Anonymous

Always Win Poker
Invite your partner to play a game of poker. Take notebook paper and rip out ten or more pieces of paper. Tell your partner to write down things they want to do or not have to do and make them neutral so that the opposing partner can use them as well. Play poker and gamble using the strips of paper as your bets. Do not look at which ones you use, just pick whatever. Play for a set time; one hour is good. We both ended up with some of each others' papers. We then kept them and were able to use the notes whenever we liked. It was great! Ideas can be anything from sexual favors, massage time, shopping time, chores, cuddle time, etc. Have fun!
--submitted by Robert

A while back, I came up with a fun twist on the classic game of backgammon. This is a great idea if you already know how to play, but you can use it even if you're a first time player! This simple twist will really spark things with your partner and will truly take your game to the next level. Before you start the game, set the mood with some soft lighting and romantic music. Sure, you're playing a board game, but a little atmosphere never hurt anyone. You might want to have some wine nearby to add an element of class to your game. You'll also need to have a pair of "dirty dice." These dice can be found at any novelty or adult store. One die has different actions on each face and the other die has body parts. Play the game as you normally would, but if someone rolls doubles, the sexy twist begins! Break out the dirty dice and let the person who rolled doubles roll the dirty dice. The dice will dictate the "reward" for rolling doubles, and the value of the doubles dictates how long the reward lasts. Make sure you keep things interesting by changing the way you give the "reward" a little bit every time. Chances are, if you're really into it, the backgammon game won't last too long. This game has provided hours of foreplay (hence the name, Foregammon), untold anticipation, breakdown of inhibitions, insight into your partner's favorite forms of foreplay, and very intense lovemaking and sexual play (not to mention toppled game boards, ripped clothing, and spilled drinks -- but hey, its all worth it!!!). Give it a try if you're a backgammon couple -- I promise you will never be disappointed with the game, especially since everyone "wins!"
--submitted by T's loving B

The Alphabet Game
One person starts with the letter "A" and has to kiss a body part on the other person beginning with that letter. The other person starts with "B" and so on and so on. Some of those letters get awfully tricky, but you will be amused by what your lover will think of for a letter. It's very fun, and by the time you get to "Z" (if you do) you might just want to start over again.
--submitted by Jennifer

Kissing Othello
Suggest playing the game Othello. Halfway through, suggest making it a little more interesting. However many tokens they flip over, they get to kiss you that many times whereever they wish. I don't think we have ever finished that game!
--submitted by Anonymous

A Love Puzzle
Buy a puzzle (about 100 pieces) and assemble it. Turn it over and write a romantic message on the back. Take it apart. Have a candlelight dinner and present it to your partner. Let them know that there is a message waiting for them on the back.
--submitted by Carlos R Castro

Change the game of Monopoly. Change boardwalk into back rub, and Tennessee into take your shirt off. Every time you pass go, you get a kiss. etc.
--submitted by Anonymous

Monopoly Money
Here’s a sexy twist on a classic board game! Before you start, make a list of sexual acts that you both enjoy, and assign a monetary value to each one. Then play a normal game of Monopoly. At the end, each of you take the money you’ve won and take the rest of the night to spend it all!!
--submitted by Elliot

Sexy Truth or Dare Jenga
Take a regular Jenga game and write sexy truth or dare comments on each piece. Whichever piece your lover picks, they have to do or tell what is written on the block. Add in a “WILD” block and you’ll have tons of fun!
--submitted by Angel Eyes