7 Days of Winter Romance

7 Days of Winter Romance
by Jennifer Good

You don't often hear the word romance being applied to the cold, blistery months of winter. However, winter's beauty and long nights offer plenty opportunities for romance. This year, beat the winter blues with our seven day program for bringing more romance into your relationship. Each day's activity is ripe with romantic possibilities that take advantage of the season. If doing these ideas in a week's time isn't possible, just use them as starting point to creating your own romantic plan that is more practical.

Day One - Snow Play
Instead of avoiding the cold, get out there and have some fun together! Rustle up some sleds, inner-tubes and snow toys and head for your nearest play zone. If skiing or snowboarding is more your style, enjoy a day on the slopes and cuddle up together afterwards with a hot cup of cocoa or coffee. When a snow day isn't in the cards, adapt this idea for something that befits your area, such as a paintball. The point is to get outside and try something a little fun and different together.

Day Two - Dinner & Movie
Keep warm this season and create a night of romantic possibilities with dinner and a movie - bedroom style. Each of you pick out one of your favorite movies, order some takeout, and enjoy a night together cuddled under the covers. The setting is the ideal opportunity to indulge in quality time together.

Day Three - Ice Skating
There's something distinctly romantic about ice skating, especially if you're able to enjoy an outdoor rink. Keep it playful with some fun games, such as every time one person falls they owe the other person a kiss. Afterward, warm up at a local coffee shop and enjoy some one-on-one time talking.

Day Four - Dinner by the Fire
Heat things up in the kitchen! Pick out a recipe to try together and spend the evening preparing your romantic dinner. When it's ready, enjoy your meal next to a warm fire. If this isn't possible, romance your setting with candlelight. This evening could become a weekly or monthly tradition. Make copies of all your favorite recipes and start building your own couple's cookbook!

Day Five - Listen to an Audiobook
Go to your local bookstore or library and pick out an audiobook you'd both like to listen to. Alternatively, you can download audiobooks to your iPod through iTunes or other service of choice. Stay warm and listen to your book together snuggled in bed, or enjoy yourselves by taking a scenic drive or parking at scenic spot and listening in the car. Plan for comfort and pick up a few snacks and drinks as well.

Day Six - Play Board Games/Puzzles
Spend a quiet evening at home challenging each other with games. Pick your medium - board games, video games, card games or puzzles - and then rack up points to determine who will gain the ultimate prize (to be determined by each of you). Keep it romantic with a little mood music and candlelight in the background.

Day Seven - Have an Indoor Picnic
Wrap up your week of romance with a romantic picnic... indoors. Grab your picnic ware, blankets, pillows, and all of your favorite finger foods. Set the mood with candles and music, enjoy each other's company and share stories and thoughts about the past week.

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