Summertime Romance

Summertime Romance
by Brettani Shannon

Take advantage of great weather by romancing your lover in the great outdoors. You have hours of warmth each day to spend outside together. Garden walks in the morning, boating in the sunny afternoon, and sleeping under the stars are just some of the romantic activities you can take part in. Below are some great ideas from the readers of

A Night Out On the Lake
My love left our one-year anniversary planning up to me, so I thought long and hard about possible romantic ideas. After a few days, I had the perfect idea. I picked her up at her house and blindfolded her. I brought her to the lake and walked her to the dock where a small rowboat was awaiting us. I undid the blindfold and enjoyed the look of surprise on her face. Iin the boat was a tiny table with a candelit dinner for two. I brought the boat out into the middle of the lake and we watched the sunset together as we ate our dinner, then we laid back in the boat and watched the stars. The night was unforgettable and will live in our hearts forever. Next year it's her turn, and I'm anxious to see what she has planned.
--submitted by Brian and Lauren

At Work Kidnapping
My boyfriend had been having a hard time at work for several weeks. His birthday was coming up, and I wanted to do something special for him. I made several phone calls and got reservations at a campground four hours away. I also got tickets for a steam engine train ride I knew he wanted to go on. I called his boss and asked if I could pick my husband up after his lunch break on Friday becuase he had Monday off for Labor Day. His boss said that he knew my boyfriend needed to get away, and he totally approved. I packed our camper with clothes, food, drinks, and everything I knew we would need and at 1:30 I walked into his shop with a loaded water gun and a ransom note. A few minutes later I was leading him to the camper at gunpoint. I'm not sure who was more surprised - my boyfriend or his coworkers. We had a wonderful weekend and made some beautiful memories. We also went gem mining that weekend and found a stone that we both liked. We've had it cut and put into a ring that is now my engagement ring! Who needs a diamond? My ring has a story. What a great weekend!!
--submitted by Diana

Birthday Sailing Surprise
My boyfriend is truly a blessing to me. He tries so hard to please me in every way. For his birthday, I rented a cruise ship and invited all of his friends and family to join us on a surprise birthday cruise. I told my boyfriend that the cruise was for one of his friends, becuase he was sure that noone could surprise him. Well, surprise! I decorated everything with Dallas Cowboys colors. There were streamers, pompoms, and party hats; I even got him to wear his Cowboys jersey! We had tons of food everywhere on board. We sailed for two hours, and he told me that it was his best birthday ever!

-submitted by Sharon

The Beach and a Book
Take your significant other to the beach and bring a book and a picnic lunch. Have them lay back and relax while you read to them. Take turns if you want. If they have a favorite book, make sure to bring that.
--submitted by Meep

Buried Treasure Chest
For our three-month anniversary, my boyfriend took me on a camping trip. One night just before sunset he told me to meet him down on the beach. When I got to the beach he was waiting for me with a bucket and pail. I thought that we were going to build a sand castle on the beach at sunset (very romantic). He then started telling me how to dig up the sand. He said he had watched it on TV. He made me start digging a big hole becuase wet sand was the best for building a sand castle. While I was digging, I came upon a tin can that he had buried earlier. When I opened it I found a note that read, "Argh mate, you found my buried treasure!" He had filled the can with tissue paper and my favorite chocolates. I thought that was it, but he told me to keep looking. He had made a false bottom in the can and beneath it were two boxes neatly wrapped. Inside the boxes were a beautiful necklace and matching earrings. The gift was beautiful, but the presentation was so romantic! We ended up sitting on the beach and watching the sun set together.
--submitted by April

Deck Camp Out
My boyfriend and I had been seeing other people, but I really wanted us to be together exclusively. He had been away for the weekend, so I invited him to come see me on Sunday night. I have a huge deck on the back of my house. Before he came, I dragged my mattress off my bed, with the sheets and pillows still on it, and put it out onto the deck. I lit lots of candles all around the deck, and brought my CD player out there too. When he got there, I told him I had a surprise for him. I led him out onto the deck where the candles were burning, and the music was playing. I pulled him onto the matress and held him for a long time. We made love all night and finally fell asleep together on the matress. After that night we got back together!
--submitted by Sue

Night on the Docks
My girlfriend and I are both students, so needless to say we do not have a lot of money to throw around. I work at a tackle shop that's right next to a big boat dock. So, for our anniversary, I took her out to her favorite restauraunt for dinner. After dinner, I asked her to take a walk with me along the docks. She didn't know, but I'd had one of my friends set up a blanket on the end fo the largest pier and completely surround it with candles. We laid on the blanket and talked all night. It was very romantic!
--submitted by Jerrod

Outdoor Escape
We have three small children, so getting a romantic moment or a night out takes a little more imagination and thought than it does for most people. I found an old iron bathtub for $5 at a second-hand store. I took it home and set it up on bricks in a secluded area of our backyard garden. I used a camping burner to heat the water. While that was heating up, I prepared a plate of finger foods including chopped vegetables with dip, salami, fruit, cheese, etc, chilled a bottle of wine, and sat it all next to the bath. I placed a few candles around the bathtub and the scene was set. As soon as the kids were in bed we snuck out to our private hot tub. We spent the next few hours feeding each other and talking before jumping out and braving the chilly night air to run back inside and cuddle by the fire. It was a wonderful night!
--submitted by Anna

Riverside Picnic Dinner
My boyfriend surprised me one evening with a romantic dinner. He picked me up from my dorm room and we drove down to a local river where we usually went for hikes. This wasn't unusual, so I didn't expect anything out of the ordinary. But when we got to the spot, I was surprised to find his best friend dressed up like a waiter and standing next to a table set for a candlelit dinner for two. A couple more of his friends were there to serve us dinner, and as soon as everything was set they left, leaving the two of us alone. It was so wonderful knowing that my boyfriend had taken the time to plan something so ealborate!
--submitted by Janie

Truck "Bed" Date
You'll need a pickup truck and lots of blankets and pillows for this idea. Put all of the blankets and pillows in the bed of your truck and try to hide them as best as you can. You may also want to stock up some hot chocolate or champagne. Drive your partner out to a secluded country road and park the truck. Reveal your hard work and lay back with your love to watch the stars. You can stay there all night if you want! Make sure the weather is going to be good, though, becuase I haven't figured out a rainy night contingency plan yet.
--submitted by Kilo


Road Trip Romance

Road Trip Romance
by Brettani Shannon

Forget about spending your travel time counting down the hours until your backache is over. Use these tips to make the drive on your next trip a romantic adventure all by itself.

Rent a Fabulous Car
One easy way to make a trip extraordinary is to take it in a fantastic car. Get a convertible, a classic, or a luxury car and your adventure will be off to a great start.

Research and Plan out Your Route
Pick out fun places to stop, restaurants to eat at, and views to see along the way. Plan playlists and entertainment for the drive. Lastly, pick up mementos from wherever you go so that you'll always have the memories of your perfectly-laid plan. If you’ve ever seen the movie Elizabethtown, you can understand how giving your time and attention to planning out the trip details can make an ordinary experience something fantastic and make your partner feel special.

Plan a Surprise Detour
Without letting your love know where you are headed, pull off for a well-planned detour. Some ideas might be a side-line adventure, a romantic country road, or a surprise visit with friends.

Stop for Treats and Fun
When you see something you like, or a sign for something you'd like to try, stop! Don't let yourselves be in such a rush that you miss out on a potentially great stop. Share some handmade ice cream, ride a water slide, gaze up at the world's largest tire, fly a kite on the beach, go thrift store shopping, strip down to your skivvies for a dip in the river, try out the local patisserie, or find somewhere to take a nap. Do one, or do them all! If you are pressed for time, make a pact that you each get to choose one billboard or road sign to follow and the other has to participate wholeheartedly!

A very unexpected way to dine while on a road trip. Pack a blanket and find a park or sit atop your car for a little break from the norm. Eat burgers like buddies, feed each other sensual foods, or have a little food fight.

Action on the Road
Maneuvering can be tricky and a little bit dangerous, but that's half the fun. You may want to pull over before the big event, however, to avoid disaster and make sure you both enjoy it.

Take a Sex Break
Stop off and do it in the car, get a room, or find somewhere else to get it on. Make it a spontaneous decision or plan ahead. Either way, taking a sex break is a must.

Find Somewhere to Take a Nap
Stop off on a sleepy country road, lay a blanket down by the lake, or get a room for a mid-afternoon nap. Napping together will surely set the right mood for your trip. It will keep you focused on enjoyment of each other as well as the journey itself instead of staying on a tight schedule.

Take Tons of Photos
Silly ones, sexy ones, set-up ones, spontaneous ones. Snap, snap, snap up the moments and when you get home, arrange them in a memories book so you never forget the fun you had together.

Play a Word Game
You can make an old game more fun by putting a romantic twist on it. Try the "Going on a trip and I'm taking on a..." game, but only "bring" things that will add sweetness or spice to your experience.

Road trips don't have to be boring! Use some if the ideas above, and you'll have just as much fun getting to where you're going as you will once you get there!


Ultimate Lover's Guide to Picnics

Ultimate Lover's Guide to Picnics
by Brettani Shannon

Picnics are more about the experience than the sustenance. For any meal, any time of day, during any season of the year, a picnic is romantic. It can be an all day event or a quick rendezvous. Imagine relaxing on a blanket with the summer breeze whisping over your snuggling bodies while you feed each other chocolate strawberries. Think of the sweetness that would heat up between you as you cozy up under a blanket and sip hot cocoa under the stars as the close to a late night picnic. Think of how you would feel jumping back into bed wearing only a t-shirt and undies with the "mid-morning staying in bed all day picnic" you prepared for your partner. Lovers' picnics are fun and flirtatious, indulgent and relaxing, sweet and youthful. You are sure to feel the love as you share treats for the tummy and food for the soul. Below, we've got some great tips and original ideas for your next romantic picnic.

Your Bed

Bed Picnic
Spread out a blanket on the bed, light candles, and put on some great jazz music (your favorite music will do!). Then take out a chilled bottle of wine, strawberries, mixed fruit, chocolate sauce, brie cheese,and crackers and just spend some time talking to each other. This simple break can really help
--submitted by Heather


A Night On The Roof
We went to our favorite little apartment by the sea that we rent from time to time, but to mix things up a bit, we took our bed and some candles up to the roof. It was the perfect night!
--submitted by Coffee

Istanbul View
This is more of an experience than an idea. There's a building in Istanbul whose roof has the best view on Earth of the great Bosphorous. The key to the roof belongs to a well-known poet. I read his book and went his home for him to sign the book. Then I asked for the key of the roof, and I put a bottle of wine, two glasses, and a red rose there. Next day, I took my girlfriend to the place. You have to take a very dirty, dark, scary corridor to reach the roof. At first she was afraid, but once I opened the door she was in awe. It was on that roof that we shared our first kiss.
--submitted by Dogan

In the Backyard

Backyard Picnic
We didn't have a lot of money, so we just ordered pizza and had a bottle of wine and a blanket. We had a picnic in the backyard with soft music playing. It was great! We looked at the stars and into each other's eyes and we both knew that we were in LOVE. That was the single most wonderful experience I have ever had! It was sincere and straight from the heart!
--submitted by Anonymous

At the Beach

Day or night, the beach is a great place for a lover's picnic. The view is breathtaking and there is so much to discover. If your beach is known to be windy, bring already-prepared foods. It doesn’t pay off to assemble foods on the beach because they will get filled with sand.

In the Park

A Small Ritual
For the first five years of our marriage, my husband and I would get together every Wednesday that the weather was nice and buy Chinese food to eat in the park. The park was just a ways down from our house and the Chinese restaurant was in-between. The total trip was right around $10 every week. It was a great building block in our relationship. Even when we were arguing about something, we would stop, and go get Chinese to eat and just watch the breeze in the trees and silently enjoy each other's company. The silent time usually broke our arguments and when we were getting along great (we don't argue much) it was a great time to escape reality and temporarily forget about work and all of life's problems.
--submitted by Jade

A night at the park
When the weather is nice we go over to the park around 7pm when no one is there. We play basketball and swing on the swings. Then we grab a blanket and watch the stars. We just talk and hold each other. It's our favorite thing to do now.
--submitted by Laurissa

On Your Living Room Floor

Arabian Nights
Suspend a parachute from the living room ceiling. Remove the furniture. Arrange it like a tent and put pillows in it and have soft music playing and serve each other finger foods and wine.
--submitted by Mary

In a Bed of a Truck

Truck Bed Picnic
My boyfriend was having a bad week, so I borrowed his truck and cleaned it out for him. Then I went out and bought a bunch of tea candles and construction paper. Then I went home and made little candle holders and wrote sweet things on them like, "I love you because you love cartoons," and "I love you because you sing in the car." That night we drove out into a field in the country and I went in the back of his truck and lit all the candles, served him desert in the truck bed, and played a CD of romantic songs on it. He said it was the sweetest thing anyone had ever done for him!
--submitted by Anonymous

In a Tree House

One of the best picnics I ever had was when my husband and I visited his parents for the weekend. He whispered to me while we were sharing photos that he had a surprise for me. He told me to meet him in his backyard treehouse in 15 minutes. I agreed and he excused himself. I tried to still be interested in what his parents were sharing, but I couldn't help but be distracted by my curiosity and excitement. It just so happened that his parents had somewhere to go just in time for me to meet my husband. He must have known about their plans. When I climbed the steps into the treehouse that my husband had told me stories about for so many years, I felt like I was stepping into his memories. It was so great. When I got up there, he was sitting on a checkered blanket with a picnic set out and a huge smile on his face. He was so thrilled to have me there with him. We stayed up there for a few hours and it was one of the greatest afternoons I've ever had. I felt like I got to know him in a new and special way that day.

At Your Desk

Picnic at the Office
This is the most romantic thing anyone has ever done for me. I was working in a small office with about eight people. One day around lunchtime, my boyfriend showed up with a blanket and a picnic basket filled with snacks - enough for everyone at the office. He brought wine, crabsticks, sandwiches, crisps, etc. He set up the picnic in the middle of my office and invited everyone to join in. We had a great time and it was the best lunch break all of us ever had!
--submitted by Lindy B.

On a Sidewalk Bench

Show up at your lover's work for their lunch break with food in hand. Take them for a short stroll down the sidewalk to a public bench and there, amidst the business, sit and enjoy lunch together. Walk them back to their office and kiss them goodbye.

In a Hotel Room

Romantic Indoor Picnic
A fun thing to do for a special occasion is to pack a picnic basket and whisk your love away to a nice hotel. Picnic on the bed and drink champagne and...whatever.
--submitted by Clem

At the River or Lake
The river is my favorite place to picnic because my husband and I can sit on the car at the river's edge or walk up the river to a private spot to eat. We can bring take-out, pack snacks, or prepare a full-on picnic style meal. We can walk and talk, taking in the scenery and discovering new places or lie in the sun together. We can cuddle and nap or even make love in our private oasis. We can go for 20 minutes of "us" time or spend the whole day there. Even when we bring the kids, it’s romantic because we hold hands and play with each other. Sometimes we go to the lake where we can picnic on the water. We rent one of those party boats so we have enough room to lie in the sun, make sandwiches, and fish.

On a Boat

Romantic Evening Floating Picnic
On a clear, not too chilly night, pack a picnic and grab a small boat. Take your guy or girl for a picnic on the water (in a pond or tied at the lake) and float around under the stars.
--submitted by Christina

In Your Car

Picnic In Snow
My boyfriend was leaving for school on Sunday across the country, so we decided to make our last day together special. Unfortunately, Friday night we were hit with a massive New England snowstorm. I was bummed that we couldn't do anything more than watch movies. My boyfriend had planned a picnic for the day, so we decided to have it the back of his SUV. It was perfect! We turned on the heat and the music and just watched the snow fall. It was one of the most romantic things ever.
--submitted by Anonymous

In a Garden

Rose Garden Picnic Date
My boyfriend and I had planned for our very first date to be a picnic at a Rose Garden. It rained the night before and stopped raining about 8 am. Since our date was at noon I was hoping it would be dry enough. It was, and it was wonderful. We watched 2 weddings and the flowers smelled so good! I had brought fresh sandwiches and fruit. The date was only suppose to be a couple hours long, but it ended up lasting five hours! I fell head over heels that day and so did he.
--submitted by Stephanie

Champagne and Fruit

Picnic On A Mountain Top
My boyfriend took me to the top of a mountain overlooking the city and laid out a romantic candelit picnic with champagne. Then he turned on the car radio and we danced. It was one of the most memorable and romantic gestures anyone has ever done for me.
--submitted by Anonymous

Bring Candles

Indoor Romance
My boyfriend works really hard and I wanted to do something nice for him. So, one night, I made dinner and lit the entire living room with candles. I arranged the living room with plants as well so it looked like we were outside. Then, I set up a picnic. When he came home he was very surprised. He loved it, especially when I fed him strawberries for dessert. We ended up making love almost all night.
--submitted by Ashley
A Full Course Meal

Moonlight Picnic
Last January I asked my boyfriend to come pick me up at home and drive us to a scenic spot near our my home. I instructed him to just drive and not ask any questions at all. When we got there, it was almost sunset, so we parked his car in this nice park and we sat at the back of his car where I laid out my surprise. I cooked him an entire meal of pumpkin soup, beef stroganoff with mashed potatoes, pasta with fresh tomato sauce, and a yummy dark chocolate cake with raspberry and caramel sauce. Then I put out a bottle of good champagne complete with the glasses. We just sat there, feeding each other in silence and looking in each other's eyes. I couldn't get a word out of him. He was totally speechless, but the surprise wasn't done yet. I took a box out of my bag and gave it to him. Inside was a vintage car model I knew he'd been wanting. He hugged me so tight and we just stayed there looking at the stars until we figured it was time to head back home.
--submitted by Kara

Add Music

Night By The Pond
My girlfriend and I have been dating for a year. I am in college and don't get to see her very much. Well, I couldn't be with her for our nine-month anniversary and I could tell that my girlfriend was disappointed. I went home the weekend after and planned a special night for her. I picked her up and gave her a single, long-stem red rose. I took her to my friend's pond where I had a picnic table set up under a single tree in the middle of a hay field beside the pond. I grilled steaks, and we had a candle-light dinner under a sky filled with stars and a full moon. I had romantic music playing and everything. After eating, we took the candles and the radio to the dock of the pond. I sat her on the railing of the dock, got down on one knee, and sang "To Make You Feel My Love" by Garth Brooks to her. She started crying. After the song, we danced on the dock for a while, not saying a word. I then took her home and she was still in shock for no one had ever done anything like that for her. The whole night was very memorable. I never thought that I could come up with an idea like that. I guess I surprise myself sometimes.
--submitted by Sam

Rise With the Sun

Surprise Early Morning Picnic
My boyfriend and I don't get to see each other very often, but when we do we have a lot of fun, and he gets very romantic. One time my boyfriend threw rocks at my window to wake me up, and when I looked out he had a ladder set up for me to climb down. He greeted me with roses at the bottom, and told me he wanted to take me to the lake. So, I got into his truck, and we drove to the lake at four in the morning. When we go there, he had a blanket with more roses, music, and various pieces of fruit cut to dip into whipped cream he brought. It was very romantic.
--submitted by Annie

In the Heat of the Afternoon

A Romantic Picnic
Go to some kind of waterside without your love and set everything up. Set up a picnic blanket and whatever else you want to create the right ambiance. Then pick up the food and your love. Enjoy a romantic waterside picnic, and if you stay long enough you can cuddle up and watch the sun set over the water.
--submitted by J.P. Suites

Under the Stars

A Night Under the Stars
Take your love to the lake have a nice picnic table set candles everything. After you eat, take a walk along the shore. Take a blanket with you and hold each other and watch the stars. You never might just be the night of your life.
--submitted by Anonymous

Do a Little More than Eat

Country Picnic
Now girls, you gotta do this one, cause I know my boyfriend won't ever do it for me. Make some of his favorite sandwiches or snacks. Pick him up and drive to somewhere that you can see the stars clearly without buildings getting in the way. Set out the blanket and eat. Afterwards, give him a full body massage while you both gaze up at the stars.

--submitted by Anonymous

Make it a Surprise

Surprise Picnic!
Here is an idea. Pack a basket with food, candles, and wine. Just before you plan to go out, drive somewhere near the water and put the basket behind a tree. When the both of you go out, act like the car broke down right at that spot and surprise her with the basket. Add some romantic music, and you can dine and dance the night away! She will love the creativity in you! Don't forget the dessert!
--submitted by PJ

Country Style

Just Because
My fiance' and I met on the net. I moved in with him and we have been just getting used to each other so we have been spatting a bit. So , I planned to have a romantic picnic, just for him. His buddy took me to where him and his family used to have picnics when he was younger on his land up by a pond. We set up a table, two chairs, a bucket of ice, champagne, and a picnic basket full of chicken and other stuff. My fiance and I both have 4-wheelers, so when he got home on the door it says, "Go get the key to your 4-wheeler than go and get on it." Then on the 4-wheeler a note said, "Ride up to the pond." And there I sat, waiting on him with a glass of champagne. He was so surprised and he loved it so much he had tears in his eyes. After the picnic I said, "I hope you brought your swimming trunks," and he said no. So instead, we decided to go skinny dipping in the lake. It was the most romantic evening ever.
--submitted by Anonymous

VIP Treatment

Incredibly Romantic Picnic
Next week, I am seeing a man that has been pursuing me for six years. He is 15 years my junior, and all that this man has done is romance me from the onset of this relationship. I have been avoiding for all these years due to our age difference, but now, I think it's time to show him, or should I say, repay him for all that he has done. He is coming up by train and he will find a stretch limo will be waiting for him. My chauffeur will be holding a sign up with his last name. When he gets in, he'll find me waiting for him. I'll be holding two glasses of champagne, and there will be romantic music playing softly in the background. We'll be taking an hour-long trip to a state park for a romantic picnic. The ride down to the park will be spent making love, and if he has enough energy left we'll do it again on the way back! This is one of my fantasies that I've had and I hope it will be a day that he will never forget because he has become so special and important in my life! Try this on your loved one!!
--submitted by Anonymous

Give it a Theme

Theme Picnic
I have never done this but I want to: set up an indoor picnic with an Oriental twist. You dress up in a kimono and put chopsticks in your hair. Make a place with a nice soft comforter and pillows. Utensils will not be used other than chopsticks or fingers. Serve your man like a geisha and learn a few Japanese or Chinese phrases to say to him. Use candles, paper lanterns, and fans to decorate the intimate area. The picnic could even be in the bedroom. The point is to be seductive, submissive, and sensual.

--submitted by Sashay

A Special Occasion

Night In Our New Home
I was working afternoons when we had first moved into our new house with our three children. We were starting over in a new state and had very little furniture in our home. One night I called my wife while I was driving home and told her I was going to be a little late getting there. I continued talking to her on the phone as I went into an all night store. I found a chenille blanket in crush red, a serving tray, some wine and some tea light candles. As I was walking towards the cashier, I saw 18 long-stemmed red roses. I told her to make sure the chain lock was undone and she needed to be in our room. When I got home, I went to our room and gave her a soft kiss and asked her to remain there until I came and got her. I set the bottle of wine on the tray in the front room and made a path of rose petals and candles from our room to the couch. I then asked her to come into the hall. She almost started to cry as she saw the trail going into our front room. When she got in there I took her hands and sat her down on the couch. We drank the whole bottle of wine and talked and softly caressed each other all evening. That was our picnic in our new home.
--submitted by Anonymous


Bedtime Romance

Bedtime Romance
by Brettani Shannon

At the close of each day, you have the choice to either ignore your partner or embrace the opportunity for intimacy. Tonight, shake things up a bit and choose one of the great ideas below to help you enjoy that special time with your lover.

* A massage is the perfect way to end an evening with your lover. Get to know your lover's body while pampering them with your relaxing touch.

* Read to each other from a favorite novel, book of poetry, or erotica. If you don't already have some, LYC has plenty of reader-submitted romantic stories, poems, and erotica to choose from.

* Turn on some music and slow dance in your PJ's. If you really want to romance them, choose the song you first danced to as husband and wife.

* Turn off the TV. It's not that cuddling in front of the tube isn't romantic, but TV time has a tendency to intrude on intimacy. Making the choice to focus completely on each other opens the door to romantic opportunities.

* Wear sexy night clothes. It doesn't have to be lingerie, but it should be more than an old T-shirt and boxer shorts.

* Talk about your favorite memories together. Remember your childhood friends, compare scars, reminisce about the stress of your engagement, or look through the photos of vacations you took together. If you are keeping a love journal, make a timeline of special times to tuck inside.

* Before making your way to the bedroom, lie with each other in front of the fire and kiss, kiss, and kiss some more.

* Take a bath together. Nothing makes a night's sleep sweeter than a nice relaxing bath before slipping between the sheets, so why not do it together? Wash each other's hair and cuddle up in the bubbles together.

* Have a bedtime picnic before hitting the pillow. Some good menu ideas may include a snack tray of cheese and crackers or champagne and strawberries, or it could also be something sweet like cake and ice cream.

* Lie in bed together listening to music and holding each other.


Games for Two

Games for Two
by Jennifer Good

Looking for something fun and different to do? When boredom strikes, try one of these romantic (and sometimes just down right sexy) twists on classic games for an evening made for memories. We've got great suggestions from LYC readers as well as our own versions of our favorite classic games gone romantic. Grab a couple glasses of wine or beer, some yummy snacks, and let the games begin!

Romantic Word Scrabble
Play the game as usual, except you can only use words that relate to love, sex, romance and relationships. If you are questioned about the "romanticness" of the word you used, prove it's romantic value by using it in a sentence...or even better, a physical demonstration.

Strip Poker
Okay, this one is a gimme, but it's great fun! Make the stakes higher by making the chips worth kisses, romantic treats, and more when they're cashed in.

Rename the countries into body parts on the board and on the cards (so they correlate). You'll need to be pretty detailed, as there are quite a few countries. When you take over a "body part" you get to have your way with it for five minutes. If you'd rather, you can have your partner do something to that body part on you. Make sure to set limits on what is acceptable to ask the other to do beforehand and respect those wishes so it stays fun for everyone. If you don't want it to be too sexual, don't name any erogenous zones.

Every time you take over a partner's piece you are entitled to five minutes of a romantic "treat" of your choice. Whoever ultimately wins the game is entitled to special two hour romantic treat of their choice to be redeemed within seven days.

Play the game as usual, but intead of paying your debts with money, for every $100 you owe or need to pay you have to pleasure your partner for one minute. For example, if you land on Boardwalk with all the hotels, you'll need to pleasure your partner for twenty minutes. Winner gets a special romantic treat of their choice to be picked within seven days.

Instead of playing until someone reaches 500, play for a set amount of time. An hour is usually more than enough. At the end of the playing time, turn every 100 points into 10 minutes of time (500 points would equal 50 minutes) that your partner has to do what you want. It can be anything! Make them your servant for the night, or make them give you a massage, making dinner, etc. Use your imagination!

If these ideas aren't enough for you, take a peek at some of these user-submitted ideas!

Fantasy Trivial Pursuit
Play the game as though it were normal Trivial Pursuit by collecting the pieces to the pie. Before the game begins, write three of your wildest fantasies on paper then put your papers in a pile with your partners. For every wrong answer, remove an article of clothing. Every time you miss the answer to a pie question, your partner asks you to perform something of their choice for 30 seconds. Then back to the game. If you can last the length of the game, the winner receives whatever is drawn by the loser from the winners pile.
--submitted by Anonymous

Game of Love Cards
Take a deck of 52 cards. Assign each card a thing to do. For example, aces get a kiss. Shuffle the deck and spread the cards out. You and your honey take turns drawing cards. Whatever card says to do, your honey must do. Be creative with your ideas! Have fun!
--submitted by Anonymous

Always Win Poker
Invite your partner to play a game of poker. Take notebook paper and rip out ten or more pieces of paper. Tell your partner to write down things they want to do or not have to do and make them neutral so that the opposing partner can use them as well. Play poker and gamble using the strips of paper as your bets. Do not look at which ones you use, just pick whatever. Play for a set time; one hour is good. We both ended up with some of each others' papers. We then kept them and were able to use the notes whenever we liked. It was great! Ideas can be anything from sexual favors, massage time, shopping time, chores, cuddle time, etc. Have fun!
--submitted by Robert

A while back, I came up with a fun twist on the classic game of backgammon. This is a great idea if you already know how to play, but you can use it even if you're a first time player! This simple twist will really spark things with your partner and will truly take your game to the next level. Before you start the game, set the mood with some soft lighting and romantic music. Sure, you're playing a board game, but a little atmosphere never hurt anyone. You might want to have some wine nearby to add an element of class to your game. You'll also need to have a pair of "dirty dice." These dice can be found at any novelty or adult store. One die has different actions on each face and the other die has body parts. Play the game as you normally would, but if someone rolls doubles, the sexy twist begins! Break out the dirty dice and let the person who rolled doubles roll the dirty dice. The dice will dictate the "reward" for rolling doubles, and the value of the doubles dictates how long the reward lasts. Make sure you keep things interesting by changing the way you give the "reward" a little bit every time. Chances are, if you're really into it, the backgammon game won't last too long. This game has provided hours of foreplay (hence the name, Foregammon), untold anticipation, breakdown of inhibitions, insight into your partner's favorite forms of foreplay, and very intense lovemaking and sexual play (not to mention toppled game boards, ripped clothing, and spilled drinks -- but hey, its all worth it!!!). Give it a try if you're a backgammon couple -- I promise you will never be disappointed with the game, especially since everyone "wins!"
--submitted by T's loving B

The Alphabet Game
One person starts with the letter "A" and has to kiss a body part on the other person beginning with that letter. The other person starts with "B" and so on and so on. Some of those letters get awfully tricky, but you will be amused by what your lover will think of for a letter. It's very fun, and by the time you get to "Z" (if you do) you might just want to start over again.
--submitted by Jennifer

Kissing Othello
Suggest playing the game Othello. Halfway through, suggest making it a little more interesting. However many tokens they flip over, they get to kiss you that many times whereever they wish. I don't think we have ever finished that game!
--submitted by Anonymous

A Love Puzzle
Buy a puzzle (about 100 pieces) and assemble it. Turn it over and write a romantic message on the back. Take it apart. Have a candlelight dinner and present it to your partner. Let them know that there is a message waiting for them on the back.
--submitted by Carlos R Castro

Change the game of Monopoly. Change boardwalk into back rub, and Tennessee into take your shirt off. Every time you pass go, you get a kiss. etc.
--submitted by Anonymous

Monopoly Money
Here’s a sexy twist on a classic board game! Before you start, make a list of sexual acts that you both enjoy, and assign a monetary value to each one. Then play a normal game of Monopoly. At the end, each of you take the money you’ve won and take the rest of the night to spend it all!!
--submitted by Elliot

Sexy Truth or Dare Jenga
Take a regular Jenga game and write sexy truth or dare comments on each piece. Whichever piece your lover picks, they have to do or tell what is written on the block. Add in a “WILD” block and you’ll have tons of fun!
--submitted by Angel Eyes


Dinner in Bed

Dinner in Bed
by Brettani Shannon

Dinner in bed can be a cute, fun way to shake things up a bit in your relationship. For new couples, it can lead to a more relaxed, confident attitude in the bedroom, and older couples can use it to break the monotony that can sometimes come from being together for so long. Here are a few tips on how to prepare a bedroom feast.

Preparing for dinner:

* Choose some comfortable but sexy sleep attire, like lingerie or sexy boy shorts and one of his t-shirts.
* Make sure you have all ingredients ahead of time so that no last minute trips to the store will keep him waiting.
* Prepare the atmosphere for more romance. Put on fresh sheets, clean your room, light candles, and turn off the cell phones.

Dinner Ideas:

Finger Foods Dinner
Fruits like pears, strawberries, apples, mangoes, and blackberries are great. Breads like sourdough baguettes, sliced French bread, or homemade biscuits with toppings like hummus, cream cheese, jam, spinach dip, summer sausage, and cheese are also perfect for picnics.

Dinner On You
If sustenance is below sensuality on your priority list, how about making your body a buffet for your lover? Place appetizers like a slice of toasted baguette with bruschetta or a stuffed mushroom on your shoulders. Then, a main course like nigera sushi on your breasts and a garnish of orange slice and mint leaf on your tummy. Finish with a fruit and cream cheese tart or sundae toppings for dessert set on your bikini line. By the time his belly is full, you should be hot and ready to serve!

Guy Style Dinner
A no hassle, make-every-guy-happy dinner of pizza, beer, and hot wings delivered from your favorite pizza place right to your door! Pop in an action flick and make the night all about him!

No Effort Gourmet
Order in from your favorite restaurant for a romantic gourmet dinner in bed. Spend the time and energy you would have spent cooking dinner on setting the mood. Light candles, dress the bed in satin sheets, and have the massage oil handy for after dinner pampering.

Picnic Dinner
Spread a blanket over the bed and bring a picnic basket filled with his favorite picnic items like sandwiches, fried chicken, potato salad, antipasto, wine, and cupcakes (just to name a few possibilities).

Fondue Fun Dinner
Slice up cake and fruits for chocolate fondue or breads, sausages, and blanched vegetables like asparagus and broccoli for a cheese fondue. Feed each other and don’t worry about the mess. Licking the drippings off of each other is part of the fun with in-the-bed fondue!

Reader-Submitted Ideas:

Bed Picnic
Spread out a blanket on the bed, light candles, and put some great jazz music (or whatever music the two of you like.) Then, take out a chilled bottle of wine, strawberries, mixed fruit, chocolate sauce, cheese, and crackers and just spend time together catching up on everything going on in your lives. It's an easy, fun way to reconnect with your lover!
--submitted by Heather

Romantic Dinner Nights
My fiancé and I cook dinner together in our pajamas, then we have dinner in bed. We feed each other and give each other massages. Don’t forget the whipped cream for dessert!
--submitted by Tiffany


Things To Do by The Fire

Things To Do by The Fire
by Jennifer Good

The ideal winter fantasy: romancing your partner by the fire. Not sure what do to once the fire's started? Check out these thirty ideas that are perfect for setting the stage for romance and passion during those long winter nights.

* hobby activities
* listen to an audiobook
* plan an indoor picnic
* watch movies
* play board games
* do a puzzle
* color together
* make a scrapbook
* arrange your photos
* plan a dream vacation
* plan your dream house
* read aloud to each other
* give each other massages
* talk
* share a bottle of wine
* do a puzzle book
* play video games
* dance
* listen to music
* play truth or dare
* take couple's quizzes
* make lists of everything
you want to accomplish in life
* body painting or henna
* indoor camping
* roast marshmallows
* watch a TV series
* cuddle
* make love
* give each other pedicures
* go through your memory boxes together


Romancing His Hobbies

Romancing His Hobbies
by Brettani Shannon

Is your man addicted to sports, working on his car, or riding his motorcycle? Great! Instead of letting his passion take away from your relationship, get involved and get closer to him. You don’t have to suddenly fall in love with football or golf to romance his hobbies. There are ways to reach out to him without extending yourself beyond your comfort zone and without intruding on his time to enjoy his hobbies alone or with the guys.

Movie Night
Choose a movie that is set in the context of their hobby or a documentary on the subject. Make popcorn and beer, trade foot massages, and cuddle on the couch while you learn a thing or two about something he loves.

Themed Nights Out
Take him on a date where you surprise him with something special having to do with his hobby. For example, take him miniature golfing if he’s a golfer, to a Hard Rock Café if he's into music, or to the Baseball Hall of Fame if that is his love. If he's into cars, a car show is the perfect date idea. Search out an architectural masterpiece in your city to visit with your love if building and design is his passion, or arrange a hike and a picnic if he loves the outdoors.

Homemade Treats
Make him cookies shaped like footballs, a memory box for his hobby memorabilia, or a scrapbook full of photos of your guy doing his thing.

The Big Event
If your man is a hockey fan, then take him to the big game. If he’s a fan of military aircraft, fishing or woodworking, it may not be so easy to find the events. Search the internet for special events, shows and lectures on the subject. Sometimes people of a specific trade are inspired to create collections of art based on those subjects. These themed art displays are often a great way to perhaps meld your interests with his and let you bond over his hobby while doing something you both can enjoy.

Get Involved
Host a Superbowl party or join his fantasy football league. Sit and watch games with him and actually make an effort to understand what's going on. If racing cars is your guy’s hobby, ask him to let you share the thrill with him. Go support him if he races himself, or join him at a race if he doesn't. You could even challenge him to a race at a local go kart track! When your guy is getting all decked out to go paintballing or readying his truck for the hunt, let him know you’d like to go with him sometime. Don't just go and be a buzzkill...throw yourself into it wholeheartedly. You never know, it may turn out to be your new thing!

Support Them
Ask questions and learn about their hobby on your own. Buy them a book on the subject and tell them what you like about it yourself. Brag about his interests to your friends and make sure they know that you approve of his hobbies. Show off his memorabilia when company comes over. Encourage your man to continue enjoying what he does and join in whenever you can. Make snacks for poker night, or pick up two tickets to an event for him and a friend (he'll love it when you go with him, but sending him and one of his buddies off for a guys night will be an unexpected treat.)

Wear Your Support
Where a jersey of his favorite team to bed or a baseball cap to the grocery store. Guys love seeing their ladies in sportswear, and it's an easy way to show him that you support his hobby.

Choosing a hobby-themed gift for your lover is just another way to show him how much you love him and everything that makes him who he is. Big gifts or small ones, for special occasions or just because, these gifts will mean the world to him.


Top Ten Nighttime Romance Ideas

Top Ten Nighttime Romance Ideas
by Brettani Shannon

# Stroll a lighted park or garden hand in hand. Almost every big city has a botanical garden or rose garden with winding trails, bridges over water features, romantic lighting, gazebos, and, of course, incredible scenery.

# Dance to the sound of the car radio. Choose a romantic viewpoint overlooking a lake or ocean, or simply choose the first parking lot you see. Get out, open the doors and pump the slow dance jams.

# Take a nighttime walk and enjoy the views or get dessert. Get ice cream, doughnuts, or some other dangerously fattening treats and feel the joy of being a kid again.

# Cuddling on the porch under a blanket is a great way to spend quality time together. Free from distractions, you will be able to use all of your attention to love on your partner.

# Get a room. Start stripping each other's clothing off in the elevator and make love on every surface in the room. When you need a break, take a bath or order up room service!

# View the city lights from a romantic lookout point. Plan ahead. Ask around or drive around and find a place where the two of you can see the city lights. If you are going for elegant, find a restaurant or lounge that has the view you want and take your love there. If you're looking for more casual, look for new housing developments on hillsides around your city. Make a little romantic picnic and have it sitting on the hood of your car while you enjoy the lights from there.

# Go clubbing. Pick a place you both want to go, and cut loose for a wild night of dancing and fun.

# Have a late dinner. Eat out at a romantic restaurant or one of those great 24-hour diners that get louder and crazier as the night goes on.

# Get groceries at a 24-hour store and make a late night dinner together. Eat in front of a classic movie and cuddle when it's through, or eat your dinner picnic style in the car or in bed!

# Lie on a blanket together at a park, in your yard, or on a rooftop. Watch the stars and talk all night long.


7 Days of Winter Romance

7 Days of Winter Romance
by Jennifer Good

You don't often hear the word romance being applied to the cold, blistery months of winter. However, winter's beauty and long nights offer plenty opportunities for romance. This year, beat the winter blues with our seven day program for bringing more romance into your relationship. Each day's activity is ripe with romantic possibilities that take advantage of the season. If doing these ideas in a week's time isn't possible, just use them as starting point to creating your own romantic plan that is more practical.

Day One - Snow Play
Instead of avoiding the cold, get out there and have some fun together! Rustle up some sleds, inner-tubes and snow toys and head for your nearest play zone. If skiing or snowboarding is more your style, enjoy a day on the slopes and cuddle up together afterwards with a hot cup of cocoa or coffee. When a snow day isn't in the cards, adapt this idea for something that befits your area, such as a paintball. The point is to get outside and try something a little fun and different together.

Day Two - Dinner & Movie
Keep warm this season and create a night of romantic possibilities with dinner and a movie - bedroom style. Each of you pick out one of your favorite movies, order some takeout, and enjoy a night together cuddled under the covers. The setting is the ideal opportunity to indulge in quality time together.

Day Three - Ice Skating
There's something distinctly romantic about ice skating, especially if you're able to enjoy an outdoor rink. Keep it playful with some fun games, such as every time one person falls they owe the other person a kiss. Afterward, warm up at a local coffee shop and enjoy some one-on-one time talking.

Day Four - Dinner by the Fire
Heat things up in the kitchen! Pick out a recipe to try together and spend the evening preparing your romantic dinner. When it's ready, enjoy your meal next to a warm fire. If this isn't possible, romance your setting with candlelight. This evening could become a weekly or monthly tradition. Make copies of all your favorite recipes and start building your own couple's cookbook!

Day Five - Listen to an Audiobook
Go to your local bookstore or library and pick out an audiobook you'd both like to listen to. Alternatively, you can download audiobooks to your iPod through iTunes or other service of choice. Stay warm and listen to your book together snuggled in bed, or enjoy yourselves by taking a scenic drive or parking at scenic spot and listening in the car. Plan for comfort and pick up a few snacks and drinks as well.

Day Six - Play Board Games/Puzzles
Spend a quiet evening at home challenging each other with games. Pick your medium - board games, video games, card games or puzzles - and then rack up points to determine who will gain the ultimate prize (to be determined by each of you). Keep it romantic with a little mood music and candlelight in the background.

Day Seven - Have an Indoor Picnic
Wrap up your week of romance with a romantic picnic... indoors. Grab your picnic ware, blankets, pillows, and all of your favorite finger foods. Set the mood with candles and music, enjoy each other's company and share stories and thoughts about the past week.


5 Reasons to Wake Up Early

5 Reasons to Wake Up Early
by Brettani Shannon

5 Reasons To Wake Up Early
Romance is about finding ways to show your partner how much they mean to you. Champagne, flowers, dining and dancing are all great ways to romance your lover, but new and original ideas can make sure they know just how much you're thinking about them. For those who spend the majority of their mornings in a rush to get out the door for work or school, taking some time out for early morning romance is an especially fantastic treat.

1. Watch the Sunrise – Bask in the serenity of morning sun together. If you’ve got the view from your home, wake up early, grab a cup of tea and cuddle under a blanket on your porch to enjoy the quiet sunrise. Otherwise, take a drive to a place with a better view. Pack something warm to drink and a light breakfast.

2. Breakfast in Bed Picnic – Wake up early to make a breakfast feast for your lover. Bring your culinary creations back to bed with a picnic blanket for the perfect start to your day.

3. Boat Ride – There’s nothing quite like spending the morning on the water. Take a romantic row for two out on a quiet lake. Enjoy the natural beauty by exploring coves and corners or sit back and hold each other as your boat drifts with the gentle movement of the water. Pack your fishing gear along and catch yourselves some breakfast!

4. Sensual Shower – Wake your love up right with sex in the shower. Light some candles and call your sweetheart into the shower with you for some morning lovin’.

5. Morning Hike or Walk – Especially enjoyable for early summer mornings before the day gets too hot, when the flowers are opening and birds are singing. Plan a hike to a waterfall or over a nearby hill. If a relaxing walk is the order of the day, stroll a manicured trail through a romantic garden or find your own path through the woods.

Try starting your morning off with a little romance, and you'll quickly see how it can warm your hearts all day long.


5 Reasons to Stay Up Late

5 Reasons to Stay Up Late
by Brettani Shannon

Late at night, when the opportunity for productivity has passed, relaxation sets in. It pays to stay up and enjoy it once in a while. Ignore the clock and let time stand still while you enjoy each other in ways you couldn’t possibly during your busy days. Here are five great reasons to stay up late with your love.

1. Make uninterrupted love – Staying up late is the perfect opportunity for a sensual interlude. No phones ringing, no knocks on the door, no to-do list to work on, only quiet peacefulness and the two of you. Start with a bubble bath, candles and champagne. Move your party to the bedroom or in front of the fire for kissing and snuggling. Make love with no time limit and sleep naked together. Wake up feeling more in love than you did the day before.

2. Pull an all-nighter at home – Late at night, when your busy schedule is out of your mind, it is a lot easier to give your partner your full attention. Forego your bedtime once in a while and just play with each other. Enjoy late night movies or re-runs, make midnight snacks, and play board games in front of the fire. Snuggle up on the balcony or porch and read poetry to each other. If the mood takes you there, take the time to explore each other’s bodies with massage or body paints.

3. Skinny dipping – A late night adventure for two. Experience the sensual exhilaration of swimming in the buff with your lover, playing and wrapping your arms and legs around each other, kissing under the moonlight. Take a dip in your pool or hot tub, stay at an adults-only hotel and enjoy theirs, or on a hot summer night, dive into a nearby river or lake.

4. Visit late night establishments – Catch a late night movie, work out together at a 24-hour gym, or grab a bite to eat at an all-night restaurant. Any mid-sized or above city has at least one after hours eatery with a juke box, breakfast all day long, and a regular customer base that always makes things interesting. Share a piece of pie over great conversation and a game of hang man. Midnight talks, whether they happen in a diner or cuddled in front of the fire, are often the ones you remember for the rest of your life.

5. Firelight – When the world is quiet around you, cuddling by the fire is perfectly romantic. Snuggle up in front of your fireplace with champagne and strawberries, or get cozy next to an outdoor fire pit with cocoa and smores. Share a blanket, tell stories of your childhood, dream of your future together, and kiss the night away.

Stay up late with the one you love to get to know them better, show them how much you care, and make memories that will last a lifetime.


14 Days of Love

14 Days of Love
by Brettani Shannon

14 Days of Love
Show your partner just how much you care this year by celebrating your love for the 14 days leading up to Valentine's Day. Your sweetheart is sure to be swept off their feet by these tokens of love, sweet surprises, and romantic rendezvous. Feel free to switch up these 14 ideas and do them in any order, or take some of ours and add in some of your own! Whatever way you do it, this will surely be a Valentine's Day your partner will never forget.

Day 1 - Send an LYC ecard
Send your love an e-card today to kick off your 14 days of love. If you have trouble choosing just one, send one every day until Valentine’s Day! No membership required, totally free, and sure to put a smile on their face. LYC has new cards to choose from every week.

Day 2 - Dinner in Bed
Pamper your love tonight with dinner in bed. Casual or elegant picnics in bed are a fun, romantic way to step outside of the box and connect with your partner. See tips and ideas here.

Day 3 - Desktop Theme
"Like so many out there, there my partner lives overseas. For Valentine's Day, I created a Windows desktop theme of myself for him. I made icons for the recycle bin, wallpaper, and even cursors. I didn’t get around to making sounds (which would've been lines from our favorite songs) but I made great screensavers. I make two different themes -- a "nice" theme and a "naughty" one. I zipped each theme up individually and sent them both to him. Watching his face on the webcam as he opened them, realizing what they were, then exploring them even more was absolutely wonderful and he adored them. Especially the cursors in the naughty theme, hehe."
--submitted by ShineyAngel

Day 4 - Whisk your partner away for an impromptu picnic or to watch the sunset.
See more “Intimate Gestures That Anyone Can Do!”

Day 5 - Take an LYC love quiz together
With questions that range from your favorite childhood memories to what you’ve always wanted to do in bed, these love quizzes will have you sharing and connecting like never before.

Day 6 - Make them a good old fashioned compilation CD
Burn them a disk of great songs today. Choose love songs that tell how you feel, songs from your favorite movies, songs on their favorites list, or a well planned out mood trip (guide how your love will feel from the minute they leave the house to when they get to work and then back home with your playlist – make them laugh, touch their soul and remind them of just how much you care). Package it up real sweet or slip it into their car CD player for a fun surprise.

Day 7 - Read to each other from a favorite novel, book of poetry, or erotica.
If you don't already have some, LYC has plenty of reader-submitted romantic stories, poems, and erotica to choose from. See more bedtime romance ideas.

Day 8 - Treat your love to lunch
There is a romantic idea to fit any schedule…

* Meet them for a lunch date at their favorite restaurant.
* Pack them a special lunch with a sweet love note or Valentine treat.
* Have one of their favorite restaurants deliver lunch to them at work.
* Bring lunch to them for an office picnic.
* Pack a picnic and have them meet you at the park on their lunch break.
* Plan a steamy lunch date.

Day 9 - Play a romantic game for two
We’ve got some great suggestions from LYC readers, as well as our own versions of our favorite classic games gone romantic. Grab a bottle of wine or a couple of beers, a yummy snack tray, and let the games begin!

Day 10 - Ten Reasons Why
"For Valentine's Day, I cut out several hearts that led my boyfriend from the front door to the bedroom. He opened the door to a room full of balloons that covered the ground completely, with some balloons overlapping. In the middle of the room, on a chair, there was a stuffed black dog with boxing gloves on that read, "You're a Knock Out," (this was perfect since he loves to box)! There was a poem sitting beside it with candy kisses all around. In the entire room full of balloons, he had to find the 10 special balloons and pop them to find the hidden messages, which were 10 reasons why I love him."
--submitted by Christina

Day 11 - LYC Printables
Print off a love note and leave it on his pillow, his windshield, or in his lunch. Print off a romantic puzzle to do together, print an award for them, a love journal page, or some Valentine's Day stationary to write them a love note on.

Day 12 - A "Kissable" Surprise
"I was in a "romantic idea" mood and decided that I wanted to surprise my boyfriend with something while he was at work. I get off an hour earlier than he does, so I drove over to his work and put Hershey kisses all over his car! I left before he came out so I couldn't see the reaction on his face, but said it was absolutely the sweetest thing any body has ever done for him!"
--submitted by Anonymous

Day 13 - Love Coupons
Good for one: full body massage, dance in the rain, romantic dinner for two, champagne and cuddling by the fire, a kiss anytime, anywhere. Print or email these love coupons and more from or make your own.

Day 14 - "Meet Me" Hunt
"On Valentine’s Day, we were both working and were to meet up at home around 6:30 pm. I managed to get off of work around noon, so I decided to do something really special for him. I set things up with the local bakery, florist, and one of his favorite stores to make the night work. I went home and left a big note on the dining table - a place I knew he wouldn't miss. The note said that I would meet him at the bakery at 7:00. When he got to the bakery, the salesman gave him a cake and another note. This note told him to meet me at the florist, which was nearby. At the florist, he received flowers and a Valentine card, as well as another note. The note said that I'd meet him at one of his favorite stores. When he got there, he collected his already-wrapped gift from the salesman along with his final note. It told him that I'd meet him at one of our favorite restaurants. When he reached there, I was waiting for him with candle-lit dinner. We had a memorable evening and he said he loved it!"
--submitted by Neha

7 Unforgettable Love Hunt Ideas

7 Unforgettable Love Hunt Ideas

When you want to do something to downright wow your partner on a limited budget, not much compares to organizing a love hunt. Not only does your partner get the excitement and thrill of the hunt, they get the satisfaction of winning a prize at the end! Even if it's a simple "I love you" and a kiss waiting for them, the time and effort went into the presentation will be something unforgettable. If the occasion arises where you need to do something a little more outside of the box, try one of these fun and creative reader-submitted love hunt ideas.

Just Because Love Hunt
I take index cards, and write clues on each one and hide them somewhere in the house. My husband finds the first one and reads the clue, and this gives him hints to find the next clue. This can go one for a few minutes or throughout the day, depending on how hard I make the clues and how many cards I hide. The final card always leads to a special "treat." The treat can be a simple kiss, or an I love you, or you can use your imagination. This is also a good way to find out how well you know each other.
--submitted by Ginny

Memories of Us Love Hunt
Although it has been done in various way before on this site, on our first anniversary, I called my girlfriend and told her to meet me at an obscure bus stop (where we met). When she got there, I’d put a white rose and a letter on the seat. In the letter was a rhyming clue to the next location of importance (our first date, our first kiss, etc), and one verse (of many) of a love poem I’d written. I stayed just ahead of her, out of sight, running around town placing letters and white roses, making sure nobody stole them. Granted, you look a bit strange, running around with a bunch of roses and a handful of letters, but it’s worth it! At the end were many roses, a present, and the last verse of the love poem. Worked a treat for me!
--submitted by Dave

Car Love Hunt
To start, hide a bunch of balloons in your love's trunk, tied to a letter and a present so they won't fly away when they open the trunk. Then, hide notes all around their car, starting with one taped to the steering wheel. The notes should all say things like, "look in the backseat," "open the glove compartment," "check the center console," etc. Every note should lead to the next, until they get to the one that leads them to the trunk. It's a fun way to have a mini scavenger hunt, all inside the car!
--submitted by India

Password Protected Love Hunt
Endangered Species chocolate bars have 18 different varieties that have pictures of different endangered animals on the wrappers. I bought all 18 bars and starting on Valentine’s Day I sent my wife of 20 years an email. Inside the first message was a bunch of clues that would help her figure out the type of animal on the wrapper. Once she figured out the type of animal (i.e. Wolf) she was then instructed to open a password protected attached Word Document (using the animal's name as the password). The attachment gave her a specific clue where she could look to find the bar inside the house. The hiding places were also somehow related to the animal (Polar bear bar hidden in the freezer; fish bar hidden behind the aquarium, etc ...). The process continued daily for 17 more days and she had a ball getting her emails, figuring out the passwords and hunting for the chocolate bars.
--submitted by Anonymous

I Love You Hunt
I wanted to do something very special for my girlfriend to say I love you. I cut out six perfectly square pieces of computer paper and on each one I wrote one thing about her that I love and a hint about where to find the next slip of paper. I tied little bows around them and hid them throughout the house. Eventually, after she found each one, it led her to my room where the last slip told her to turn on the light, shut the door, and go push play on the radio. I had her favorite song set so that when she pushed play we could dance to her favorite love song. I was hiding in the closet, and I stepped out when the song started playing. Earlier that week I had bought her a promise ring. As we began to dance I had put the ring in between my lips and as she kissed me I slipped the ring into her lips. She was so surprised and thought I was the sweetest thing ever.
--submitted by Chris

The Kiss Exchange Love Hunt
My boyfriend and I didn't have a lot of extra money to spend on each other for Valentine's Day, so we set our limit to $10 each. I bought a bag of Hershey Kisses, a small stuffed gorilla, and a box of children's Valentine’s Day cards (about 32). I wrote one reason why I loved him on each of the cards, put them in their envelope and taped a Kiss to each of them. Each envelope also had a clue as to where the next one would be hidden. Each one was a riddle, one that he'd have to decipher to find each clue. When he collected them all, he had to trade in his chocolate Kisses for real kisses, so we both had fun!! The gorilla was for him to take on the road when he works, so he has something to remember me by… like he could forget!!
--submitted by Jyl

Picture Fun Love Hunt
My boyfriend and I had been dating for about two years, and he was really going through a rough patch in his life. I wanted to do something really fun to cheer him up. I took a camera and took pictures of a bunch of different places in town. I turned it into a scavenger hunt, posting a picture at each site that would lead him to the next one. I told him to meet me at my house. When he got there, he found a note explaining the game as well as a picture of the first place he had to go. He absolutely loved it! The last picture led him to me at a nearby school on top of a hill -- I lead him to the place to go snowboarding. He'd never been snowboarding before, but he had a blast and it really cheered him up.
--submitted by Amanda