Dinner in Bed

Dinner in Bed
by Brettani Shannon

Dinner in bed can be a cute, fun way to shake things up a bit in your relationship. For new couples, it can lead to a more relaxed, confident attitude in the bedroom, and older couples can use it to break the monotony that can sometimes come from being together for so long. Here are a few tips on how to prepare a bedroom feast.

Preparing for dinner:

* Choose some comfortable but sexy sleep attire, like lingerie or sexy boy shorts and one of his t-shirts.
* Make sure you have all ingredients ahead of time so that no last minute trips to the store will keep him waiting.
* Prepare the atmosphere for more romance. Put on fresh sheets, clean your room, light candles, and turn off the cell phones.

Dinner Ideas:

Finger Foods Dinner
Fruits like pears, strawberries, apples, mangoes, and blackberries are great. Breads like sourdough baguettes, sliced French bread, or homemade biscuits with toppings like hummus, cream cheese, jam, spinach dip, summer sausage, and cheese are also perfect for picnics.

Dinner On You
If sustenance is below sensuality on your priority list, how about making your body a buffet for your lover? Place appetizers like a slice of toasted baguette with bruschetta or a stuffed mushroom on your shoulders. Then, a main course like nigera sushi on your breasts and a garnish of orange slice and mint leaf on your tummy. Finish with a fruit and cream cheese tart or sundae toppings for dessert set on your bikini line. By the time his belly is full, you should be hot and ready to serve!

Guy Style Dinner
A no hassle, make-every-guy-happy dinner of pizza, beer, and hot wings delivered from your favorite pizza place right to your door! Pop in an action flick and make the night all about him!

No Effort Gourmet
Order in from your favorite restaurant for a romantic gourmet dinner in bed. Spend the time and energy you would have spent cooking dinner on setting the mood. Light candles, dress the bed in satin sheets, and have the massage oil handy for after dinner pampering.

Picnic Dinner
Spread a blanket over the bed and bring a picnic basket filled with his favorite picnic items like sandwiches, fried chicken, potato salad, antipasto, wine, and cupcakes (just to name a few possibilities).

Fondue Fun Dinner
Slice up cake and fruits for chocolate fondue or breads, sausages, and blanched vegetables like asparagus and broccoli for a cheese fondue. Feed each other and don’t worry about the mess. Licking the drippings off of each other is part of the fun with in-the-bed fondue!

Reader-Submitted Ideas:

Bed Picnic
Spread out a blanket on the bed, light candles, and put some great jazz music (or whatever music the two of you like.) Then, take out a chilled bottle of wine, strawberries, mixed fruit, chocolate sauce, cheese, and crackers and just spend time together catching up on everything going on in your lives. It's an easy, fun way to reconnect with your lover!
--submitted by Heather

Romantic Dinner Nights
My fiancĂ© and I cook dinner together in our pajamas, then we have dinner in bed. We feed each other and give each other massages. Don’t forget the whipped cream for dessert!
--submitted by Tiffany

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