Top Ten Nighttime Romance Ideas

Top Ten Nighttime Romance Ideas
by Brettani Shannon

# Stroll a lighted park or garden hand in hand. Almost every big city has a botanical garden or rose garden with winding trails, bridges over water features, romantic lighting, gazebos, and, of course, incredible scenery.

# Dance to the sound of the car radio. Choose a romantic viewpoint overlooking a lake or ocean, or simply choose the first parking lot you see. Get out, open the doors and pump the slow dance jams.

# Take a nighttime walk and enjoy the views or get dessert. Get ice cream, doughnuts, or some other dangerously fattening treats and feel the joy of being a kid again.

# Cuddling on the porch under a blanket is a great way to spend quality time together. Free from distractions, you will be able to use all of your attention to love on your partner.

# Get a room. Start stripping each other's clothing off in the elevator and make love on every surface in the room. When you need a break, take a bath or order up room service!

# View the city lights from a romantic lookout point. Plan ahead. Ask around or drive around and find a place where the two of you can see the city lights. If you are going for elegant, find a restaurant or lounge that has the view you want and take your love there. If you're looking for more casual, look for new housing developments on hillsides around your city. Make a little romantic picnic and have it sitting on the hood of your car while you enjoy the lights from there.

# Go clubbing. Pick a place you both want to go, and cut loose for a wild night of dancing and fun.

# Have a late dinner. Eat out at a romantic restaurant or one of those great 24-hour diners that get louder and crazier as the night goes on.

# Get groceries at a 24-hour store and make a late night dinner together. Eat in front of a classic movie and cuddle when it's through, or eat your dinner picnic style in the car or in bed!

# Lie on a blanket together at a park, in your yard, or on a rooftop. Watch the stars and talk all night long.