Romancing His Hobbies

Romancing His Hobbies
by Brettani Shannon

Is your man addicted to sports, working on his car, or riding his motorcycle? Great! Instead of letting his passion take away from your relationship, get involved and get closer to him. You don’t have to suddenly fall in love with football or golf to romance his hobbies. There are ways to reach out to him without extending yourself beyond your comfort zone and without intruding on his time to enjoy his hobbies alone or with the guys.

Movie Night
Choose a movie that is set in the context of their hobby or a documentary on the subject. Make popcorn and beer, trade foot massages, and cuddle on the couch while you learn a thing or two about something he loves.

Themed Nights Out
Take him on a date where you surprise him with something special having to do with his hobby. For example, take him miniature golfing if he’s a golfer, to a Hard Rock CafĂ© if he's into music, or to the Baseball Hall of Fame if that is his love. If he's into cars, a car show is the perfect date idea. Search out an architectural masterpiece in your city to visit with your love if building and design is his passion, or arrange a hike and a picnic if he loves the outdoors.

Homemade Treats
Make him cookies shaped like footballs, a memory box for his hobby memorabilia, or a scrapbook full of photos of your guy doing his thing.

The Big Event
If your man is a hockey fan, then take him to the big game. If he’s a fan of military aircraft, fishing or woodworking, it may not be so easy to find the events. Search the internet for special events, shows and lectures on the subject. Sometimes people of a specific trade are inspired to create collections of art based on those subjects. These themed art displays are often a great way to perhaps meld your interests with his and let you bond over his hobby while doing something you both can enjoy.

Get Involved
Host a Superbowl party or join his fantasy football league. Sit and watch games with him and actually make an effort to understand what's going on. If racing cars is your guy’s hobby, ask him to let you share the thrill with him. Go support him if he races himself, or join him at a race if he doesn't. You could even challenge him to a race at a local go kart track! When your guy is getting all decked out to go paintballing or readying his truck for the hunt, let him know you’d like to go with him sometime. Don't just go and be a buzzkill...throw yourself into it wholeheartedly. You never know, it may turn out to be your new thing!

Support Them
Ask questions and learn about their hobby on your own. Buy them a book on the subject and tell them what you like about it yourself. Brag about his interests to your friends and make sure they know that you approve of his hobbies. Show off his memorabilia when company comes over. Encourage your man to continue enjoying what he does and join in whenever you can. Make snacks for poker night, or pick up two tickets to an event for him and a friend (he'll love it when you go with him, but sending him and one of his buddies off for a guys night will be an unexpected treat.)

Wear Your Support
Where a jersey of his favorite team to bed or a baseball cap to the grocery store. Guys love seeing their ladies in sportswear, and it's an easy way to show him that you support his hobby.

Choosing a hobby-themed gift for your lover is just another way to show him how much you love him and everything that makes him who he is. Big gifts or small ones, for special occasions or just because, these gifts will mean the world to him.