Things To Do by The Fire

Things To Do by The Fire
by Jennifer Good

The ideal winter fantasy: romancing your partner by the fire. Not sure what do to once the fire's started? Check out these thirty ideas that are perfect for setting the stage for romance and passion during those long winter nights.

* hobby activities
* listen to an audiobook
* plan an indoor picnic
* watch movies
* play board games
* do a puzzle
* color together
* make a scrapbook
* arrange your photos
* plan a dream vacation
* plan your dream house
* read aloud to each other
* give each other massages
* talk
* share a bottle of wine
* do a puzzle book
* play video games
* dance
* listen to music
* play truth or dare
* take couple's quizzes
* make lists of everything
you want to accomplish in life
* body painting or henna
* indoor camping
* roast marshmallows
* watch a TV series
* cuddle
* make love
* give each other pedicures
* go through your memory boxes together