5 Reasons to Wake Up Early

5 Reasons to Wake Up Early
by Brettani Shannon

5 Reasons To Wake Up Early
Romance is about finding ways to show your partner how much they mean to you. Champagne, flowers, dining and dancing are all great ways to romance your lover, but new and original ideas can make sure they know just how much you're thinking about them. For those who spend the majority of their mornings in a rush to get out the door for work or school, taking some time out for early morning romance is an especially fantastic treat.

1. Watch the Sunrise – Bask in the serenity of morning sun together. If you’ve got the view from your home, wake up early, grab a cup of tea and cuddle under a blanket on your porch to enjoy the quiet sunrise. Otherwise, take a drive to a place with a better view. Pack something warm to drink and a light breakfast.

2. Breakfast in Bed Picnic – Wake up early to make a breakfast feast for your lover. Bring your culinary creations back to bed with a picnic blanket for the perfect start to your day.

3. Boat Ride – There’s nothing quite like spending the morning on the water. Take a romantic row for two out on a quiet lake. Enjoy the natural beauty by exploring coves and corners or sit back and hold each other as your boat drifts with the gentle movement of the water. Pack your fishing gear along and catch yourselves some breakfast!

4. Sensual Shower – Wake your love up right with sex in the shower. Light some candles and call your sweetheart into the shower with you for some morning lovin’.

5. Morning Hike or Walk – Especially enjoyable for early summer mornings before the day gets too hot, when the flowers are opening and birds are singing. Plan a hike to a waterfall or over a nearby hill. If a relaxing walk is the order of the day, stroll a manicured trail through a romantic garden or find your own path through the woods.

Try starting your morning off with a little romance, and you'll quickly see how it can warm your hearts all day long.

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