5 Reasons to Stay Up Late

5 Reasons to Stay Up Late
by Brettani Shannon

Late at night, when the opportunity for productivity has passed, relaxation sets in. It pays to stay up and enjoy it once in a while. Ignore the clock and let time stand still while you enjoy each other in ways you couldn’t possibly during your busy days. Here are five great reasons to stay up late with your love.

1. Make uninterrupted love – Staying up late is the perfect opportunity for a sensual interlude. No phones ringing, no knocks on the door, no to-do list to work on, only quiet peacefulness and the two of you. Start with a bubble bath, candles and champagne. Move your party to the bedroom or in front of the fire for kissing and snuggling. Make love with no time limit and sleep naked together. Wake up feeling more in love than you did the day before.

2. Pull an all-nighter at home – Late at night, when your busy schedule is out of your mind, it is a lot easier to give your partner your full attention. Forego your bedtime once in a while and just play with each other. Enjoy late night movies or re-runs, make midnight snacks, and play board games in front of the fire. Snuggle up on the balcony or porch and read poetry to each other. If the mood takes you there, take the time to explore each other’s bodies with massage or body paints.

3. Skinny dipping – A late night adventure for two. Experience the sensual exhilaration of swimming in the buff with your lover, playing and wrapping your arms and legs around each other, kissing under the moonlight. Take a dip in your pool or hot tub, stay at an adults-only hotel and enjoy theirs, or on a hot summer night, dive into a nearby river or lake.

4. Visit late night establishments – Catch a late night movie, work out together at a 24-hour gym, or grab a bite to eat at an all-night restaurant. Any mid-sized or above city has at least one after hours eatery with a juke box, breakfast all day long, and a regular customer base that always makes things interesting. Share a piece of pie over great conversation and a game of hang man. Midnight talks, whether they happen in a diner or cuddled in front of the fire, are often the ones you remember for the rest of your life.

5. Firelight – When the world is quiet around you, cuddling by the fire is perfectly romantic. Snuggle up in front of your fireplace with champagne and strawberries, or get cozy next to an outdoor fire pit with cocoa and smores. Share a blanket, tell stories of your childhood, dream of your future together, and kiss the night away.

Stay up late with the one you love to get to know them better, show them how much you care, and make memories that will last a lifetime.

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